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Guest Lists

Man, making lists is HARD. Why does no one ever tell you this?


The invite list started at a modest 50 invites, and swelled to a surprising 97 invites sent before it was all said and done. Once they were out though, it didn’t matter, we were just so excited to have them out and complete!


As th response cards started coming in, we were both excited and bummed: so many nos. Some unexpected yesses. It was seriously like a game every time one of our response cards showed back up in our mail box!

And then we got one of these:

empty RSVP


Now you tell me – what the heck am I supposed to do with this?


Now I am working on my wedding shower invite lists. We are having one in Atlanta, and one in Orlando. It’s strange: determining who to invite, who wouldn’t even be interested. Who would be hurt by not getting an invite. Who would be creeped out.


I am realizing that I don’t have a lot of close friends in Orlando. My Atlanta invite list is wayyyy longer than my Orlando list. And with each name I’m stressed. Is making a guest list supposed to stress you that bad?


Dress? …check.

Bridesmaids? …check.

Ring? …check.

Fiance??? …check check check!


…wedding and cruise booked????? …double, Triple, QUADRUPLE check!!!


I just received our reservation confirmation for the wedding cruise! If getting a dress made it real, then booking the cruise makes it really real. Like, really REALLY real. Like “pee my pants in excitement, how are we going to wait a WHOLE YEAR, omg we’re really doing this” kinda real.

This could be us! Only like… not.

Now that this piece is done, I think I can unclench the buttcheeks a little bit and relax. We’ve got a year to plan one of the most amazing days of our lives together, and I know that it’s going to be wonderful.

This too could be us too!! Only like, not.

I know I promised the story of my Jersey-Shore-meets – the -Bridal-Show-Extravaganza blog post, and it’s coming soon, I promise! Just needed to share this momentous information with you guys… it was too much to keep inside. I want to shout it from the rooftops! Me and my honeybee are getting hitched!!!!!!!!!!

Pimp My Wedding, Yo!

Ok, anyone that knows me probably also knows about my obsession with wedding shows: my current favorites include “My Fair Wedding with David Tutera” (LOVE him!), “Say Yes To the Dress – Atlanta” (my hometown peeps represent!), “BrideZillas” and now after last night, “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding”.

My wedding probably has very little in common with any of these shows, so I don’t watch them for inspiration,  watch them purely for entertainment value. 🙂

As we go through our expenses for the wedding, I can’t help but wonder how awesome we’d be on one of those shows… how much “entertainment value” we’d bring to one of those shows. Can you imagine me, D, my friends and family and their caravan of crazy on “Say Yes To The Dress” or BrideZilla? They’d have a field day!! I absolutely REFUSE to consider “BrideZilla”, because I refuse to stoop to the level of b!tchiness required to make a successful episode of that show.

I don’t think the Gypsy show would be my sort of gig. I don’t even think I’d want it to be! Fortunately, I would make a bad episode of “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding”, mostly because I’m not… well, I’m not a gypsy. That said, their idea of “pimp my wedding” is on the ass-end of what I would consider a lovely wedding. I mean, there’s adding a little sparkle, a little bling to an event, and then there’s this show. That American Gypsy show reminds of what would happen if the Jersey Shore went to far and Snooki said “wow, that’s over the line”… like a Swarovski crystal nightmare. Any show where the new bride moves into a trailer after getting married should either be called “My Big Fat Redneck Wedding” or “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding”. I swear, I think my wedding would have more in common with a redneck wedding. I’d take muddin’ over booty-shaking gypsy 5 year olds. Straight up.

A great show for me and D would be “Rich Bride, Poor Bride”, or, better yet, “My Fair Wedding With David Tutera”. LOVE HIM! I would pass out from utter happiness if that man were to show up on my doorstep and pimp my wedding. Can you imagine? He turns HOT MESS into HALLELUJAH!! That man could make a couture dress out of a potato sack and turn a Chick Fil A meal into a 7 course meal. Okay, that’s exaggerating but you get the idea. Did I mention I’m obsessed with David Tutera? He’s like, a wedding GURU. Seriously.

I guess in lieu of having someone else pimp out our wedding, D and I will have to pimp our own wedding. Better yet, we’ll let Disney Cruise Lines pimp it out. That’s right, “My Big Fat Cruise Line Wedding” is on!!! I think the package they put together for couples to get married during their cruise is amazing. I’ve even picked out some starfish-shaped bling to add to my bouquet, and there aren’t any gypsies, Snooki look alikes or Bridezillas in sight.

I wonder if TLC would want to pick up our show for a season??

– renee