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Guest Lists

Man, making lists is HARD. Why does no one ever tell you this?


The invite list started at a modest 50 invites, and swelled to a surprising 97 invites sent before it was all said and done. Once they were out though, it didn’t matter, we were just so excited to have them out and complete!


As th response cards started coming in, we were both excited and bummed: so many nos. Some unexpected yesses. It was seriously like a game every time one of our response cards showed back up in our mail box!

And then we got one of these:

empty RSVP


Now you tell me – what the heck am I supposed to do with this?


Now I am working on my wedding shower invite lists. We are having one in Atlanta, and one in Orlando. It’s strange: determining who to invite, who wouldn’t even be interested. Who would be hurt by not getting an invite. Who would be creeped out.


I am realizing that I don’t have a lot of close friends in Orlando. My Atlanta invite list is wayyyy longer than my Orlando list. And with each name I’m stressed. Is making a guest list supposed to stress you that bad?


Invitations are out!



Woohoo!!! Guess who’s happy? THIS GIRL.





We got a little carried away with the whimsical sea theme, but I’m still pretty pleased.


I remember when I first started looking at invitations last July, and how tough it was to communicate, much less create, a vision for what we wanted. At the only time, my only requirement was no hibiscus images – for some reason, several of the stationers I spoke with thought that hibiscus blossoms most accurately represents a destination wedding.


After deciding to tackle the invitations ourselves, I was equal parts thrilled and nervous – what if our invitations turned into a “bigger mess than a pile of coat hangers?” (I got that phrase from Lori on Say Yes to the Dress!) So you can imagine it was a big relief to see a finished product that represented our wedding in a cute but still nicely stylized way. I have to hand it to D – he really did pitch in. We were covered in those little rubber glue “booger things plus little bits of blue paper and ink, but we did it!!!


By the way – hand-writing each one SEEMS like a great idea until you account to handwriting both the outer envelopes AND the response addresses. My left hand got a workout!!


We’re still in the process of getting these out,, so hopefully they will be arriving at their new homes over the next few weeks. And if the address looks a little slanted, please be kind. They were addressed with love… by a person higher than a kite on Elmer’s Rubber Cement 🙂

The Flower Girl

Ok seriously? We have the cutest flower girl in the world.


Meet Amanda – one of Dustyn’s nieces (he has two nieces and a nephew). Amanda’s going to be out flower girl!!


Just like the bridesmaids, I wanted to send her something to “invite” her to be a part of our wedding, to make her feel special. So I created this:

Granted, there’s more of the table top in the picture than invite. Clearly I’m a terrible photographer t, but you get the idea. 🙂

Since she’s the flower girl (and only 6) I opted for adding as many flowers to the invite as I possibly could. I MIGHT have gone a bit overboard. Maybe. But I still kinda like it. Hopefully she did too 🙂