(if only this was all that people would say!)

  • Congrats! You guys are going to have the cutest little mixed babies ever! (I think this one is specifically reserved for interracial couples, lol)
  • Congrats! So when’s the wedding? (I answer.) That’s too far away!!!! Why are you waiting so long?
  • Congrats! What are your wedding colors? (I answer.) Oh, those are…  … …nice.
  • Congrats! Where’s your wedding going to be held? (I answer) Oh that’s nice!! (I don’t mind this one so much)
  • Congrats! Are you expecting?
  • Congrats! When are you having kids?
  • Congrats! Where’s my invite to your wedding?
  • (Grabs hand without speaking) Where’s your ring (I explain it’s getting sized.) Oh. (Drops hand and walk away)
  • Congrats! I have a business that is perfectly suited to assist you with your _____ needs for your wedding! Call me!
  • Congrats! Are you going to get weave for your wedding??
  • Congrats! What are you changing your name to? (I answer.) Um… what???