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Project Wedding

There’s this website I stumbled upon – It appeared to me in a moment of weakness, and I relied upon it for a few days to guide me through a fog of making wedding to-do lists and getting organized.


Now that stupid site is my nemesis. Or it would be if I was not to chicken to face it head on.


 I haven’t logged into the website in weeks, but every few days, I get a countdown reminder (“You have 355 days left until the big day!”) along with links to helpful articles like, whether to include pets in your wedding or not, choosing bridesmaids, and my personal favorite – how to pee while wearing your wedding dress, Ironically, the last article was only one I actually read.


These emails make me crazy and also stress me a teeny bit because I haven’t done much planning lately. I finally got the invitations sorted, but since we’re going DIY with those there’s still lots of cutting, gluing, folding and addressing to be done. Not to mention having a “come to Jesus” meeting with ourselves over the guest list. Each time my phone pings to alert me of a new message from those harpies over at I shrink a little, knowing all that we still have left to do.


I’m not a slacker (completely), and I’m organized. To be honest, I think I’m just a little lonely in the process. I need someone to put their boot up my butt and get me moving. I want to obsess over every little detail and not bore the mess out of people. I wonder if my past behavior as planner, organizer, answer-giver has made people so confident that I know just what to do that they don’t offer assistance. And I really don’t want to ask. So, as horrid as she is, is my regular boot up the butt to keep me on task. And I really don’t think she and I can stay friends for much longer. There’s only so much “You have 312 days until your wedding!” emails you can take before your wedding sanity survival instincts kick in and you go feral. Cut to the next scene where you’re crouched in the corner surrounded by shreds of your planning binder, clutching samples of chiffon bridesmaid dresses in one hand and your bed, bath and beyond gift registry in the other while muttering “the color is called ‘Beyond the Sea’ not ‘teal’!


Which just reminded me that we need to update our registry. Effing projectwedding!!!

**Exhales slowly**



Wanna see our seaside wedding ceremony site?

Dress? …check.

Bridesmaids? …check.

Ring? …check.

Fiance??? …check check check!


…wedding and cruise booked????? …double, Triple, QUADRUPLE check!!!


I just received our reservation confirmation for the wedding cruise! If getting a dress made it real, then booking the cruise makes it really real. Like, really REALLY real. Like “pee my pants in excitement, how are we going to wait a WHOLE YEAR, omg we’re really doing this” kinda real.

This could be us! Only like… not.

Now that this piece is done, I think I can unclench the buttcheeks a little bit and relax. We’ve got a year to plan one of the most amazing days of our lives together, and I know that it’s going to be wonderful.

This too could be us too!! Only like, not.

I know I promised the story of my Jersey-Shore-meets – the -Bridal-Show-Extravaganza blog post, and it’s coming soon, I promise! Just needed to share this momentous information with you guys… it was too much to keep inside. I want to shout it from the rooftops! Me and my honeybee are getting hitched!!!!!!!!!!

The Flower Girl

Ok seriously? We have the cutest flower girl in the world.


Meet Amanda – one of Dustyn’s nieces (he has two nieces and a nephew). Amanda’s going to be out flower girl!!


Just like the bridesmaids, I wanted to send her something to “invite” her to be a part of our wedding, to make her feel special. So I created this:

Granted, there’s more of the table top in the picture than invite. Clearly I’m a terrible photographer t, but you get the idea. 🙂

Since she’s the flower girl (and only 6) I opted for adding as many flowers to the invite as I possibly could. I MIGHT have gone a bit overboard. Maybe. But I still kinda like it. Hopefully she did too 🙂

It’s funny how getting engaged seems to gain you entrance into the “secret circle”. I’ve had more people share stories about their weddings than I could ever ask for. Sometimes the advice/ story time is helpful, and sometimes it’s downright weird and unsolicited. Example:

About two months ago, shortly after getting engaged, D and I were in the Barnes & Noble. I wanted to find the perfect wedding planning book, and he was kind enough to come along with me to the B&N to assist me in my quest.

We must have been there 45 minutes to an hour, easily. The wedding/ self-help section was stationed at the door to the B&N storage area, giving us a good view as one of the associates ferried books in and out of the stockroom by the cart load. By the fifth round out, we’d sparked some light witty banter, which really helped us to NOT yank our hair out by the roots. By the end, I was sitting indian-style in the self-help section, surrounded by every type of book, binder, bridesmaid guide, wedding toast etiquette and Southern Living Guide to Weddings ever made. We were both readily confused, and a little tired. And this was just buying the wedding planner! Wait until we pick out invitations!!!

We (finally) select a wedding planner and an etiquette book, and head to the front. The associate that we’d bantered back and forth with was there to check us out, and upon seeing our selections felt that the checkout process was a perfect time to add to our camaraderie with stories from her own wedding.

Apparently at HER wedding, the photographer brought an assistant/ intern, and the assistant/ intern cut herself on SOMETHING… the SOMETHING doesn’t really mattered. What MATTERS is that there was blood everywhere, and it got on the bride’s dress. There were bloodstains from the assistant/ intern in all of her pictures. Eventually, the photographer had to photoshop them out, and the good news is she got the pictures for free.

Now, this is an interesting story, for lots of reasons, but the only thing I could think of at the time was “why is she telling me this story? How is this supposed to make me feel confident that our day will be wonderful, and happy and bloodstain-free?” I immediately felt selfish that I was thinking this way. She was only trying to be helpful, and here I was acting like a jerk.

I can’t help but wonder, is there an etiquette rule for this? I mean, here we were, buying an etiquette book, but I didn’t see anything in the book that would cover a situation like this. Am I supposed to say “Wow, thanks for over-sharing your horrific story with me. I really feel like we bonded over that story” or is it better to say ” Oh no! How awful. I’m glad everything came out alright in the end”.

Ok, now I’m being a jerk. I know better. The truth is, I don’t need an etiquette book to tell me what was the right response. I know I should have followed the same steps that any hospitality person knows all too well: LEAD.




Discuss & Direct

I guess technically it should be called LEADD. 🙂

LEADD is a coping mechanism that’s great for everyday life, whether you’re talking about a blood-stained wedding dress, or a new mother is sharing the intimate details of nursing, giving birth and baby poo. It’s a pretty decent guideline that will help keep you out of trouble by saying the wrong thing and smooth away any awkward situation created by the offensive party.

So from now on, whenever anyone shares their horrific wedding stories with me – everything from assuring me I will cry constantly, that it’ll rain on my wedding day, that I will be depressed, or pooped on my someone’s child – I’ll simply LEADD!

Ha! Take that etiquette books. Perhaps there should be a separate chapter on this: Things to Say When Someone Tries to Rain (or Bleed) On Your Wedding Parade.

Engagement announcements are now ordered!! Yippee!!!

It’s a little thing, but still it’s a step.

We have toyed with the idea of creating our own engagement cards, going to Wal-Mart to print them, using Staples, Shutterfly, Walgreens… it was all too much. We could never come to a consensus on what to do! Each option had its pros and cons.

Last night, while randomly surfing through his Living Social offers, D came across an offer for It was for $40 worth of cards for only $15. We jumped on it! Within minutes we’d created and ordered our cards – something that we’d agonized over for weeks boiled down to literally less than 30 minutes.Dustyn joked that we must have finally hit the “easy button” of Staples fame… it could not have been easier.

So far I highly recommend Simply To Impress. Once we get the cards later this week we’ll see, but the proof looks awesome. I posted the proof on pinterest this morning (being sick at home, not a lot to do!) and it has already been re-pinned about 25 times! Wow!!

Anyway, like I said, it was awesome to have one task down in the 80,000 tasks we have for this wedding. Next stop – engagement photos and saved the date cards!

We’re ready to sail and say “I Do!”

Welcome to our wedding website! We are both tremendously excited to be sharing this with our family and friends. We’re still getting used to saying “fiance” and “fiancee” when referring to each other without giggling or grinning profusely. Yeah, we’re that kinda mushy couple. Don’t judge.

We’ve decided on a Disney Cruise Line wedding, with a stop on Castaway Cay for the actual ceremony. Tentative date is set for September 22nd, 2013. More details to come soon as we fill them in 🙂

I know what you’re thinking… how corny is a Disney Cruise Line Wedding??? Why are you having a Mickey Mouse Wedding? Well since you guys all know us, you know it’s probably about as corny as we are (which is a lot)! We both do enjoy Disney, but the decision had more to do with the package offered by DCL in comparison to a lot of other cruise lines. We also felt that the venue (Castaway Cay) would be a beautiful setting for the beginning of our marriage. It will be an incredible experience and we are over-the-moon, wet our pants thrilled about making some wonderful, incredibly hilarious and slightly tearful  memories with our family and friends over the course of the 4-day cruise.

Oh, and we promise that neither Mickey, Minnie, Goofy or Donald will be participating in our ceremony! It’s not that kind of party. That would be some serious overkill.

Even if you cannot make it to the cruise with us, we hope that you will join our journey to this momentous day. So relax, take off your shoes, and browse through our site. Feel free to drop a line or two… or three. We don’t mind!! As we go through the planning process we will continue to update this page with our experience planning a destination wedding. I have a feeling it will be like many other parts of the journey Dustyn and I have taken so far: equal parts sweet, inspiring, and very very funny.


– Renee (the Bride! I still can’t get used to saying that!)