Meet Dustyn & Renee. He’s the coolest computer guy you’ll ever want to meet, with an obsession for Call of Duty, restaurant shows and Amazon; she’s a closeted country music fan that loves blogging and fireworks. Both have a penchant for dorky jokes, snorting when something’s terribly funny and sci-fi movies. In short, they’re both geeks.

On the surface they don’t have a lot in common but somehow this unlikely pair is perfectly matched. Like beer and barbecue, popcorn and a coke, a fanny pack and an Orlando tourist. Like the delicate balance of peanut butter and bananas on whole wheat, as bizarre as it sounds, it totally works.


Both enjoy traveling, finding cheap books to purchase on kindle, playing golf (badly) and visiting theme parks.

This site is dedicated to all things Dustyn & Renee, or rather, all things regarding Dustyn’s & Renee’s wedding! We hope you enjoy the site. Drop a line, they love to hear from their friends and family. 🙂