There’s this website I stumbled upon – It appeared to me in a moment of weakness, and I relied upon it for a few days to guide me through a fog of making wedding to-do lists and getting organized.


Now that stupid site is my nemesis. Or it would be if I was not to chicken to face it head on.


 I haven’t logged into the website in weeks, but every few days, I get a countdown reminder (“You have 355 days left until the big day!”) along with links to helpful articles like, whether to include pets in your wedding or not, choosing bridesmaids, and my personal favorite – how to pee while wearing your wedding dress, Ironically, the last article was only one I actually read.


These emails make me crazy and also stress me a teeny bit because I haven’t done much planning lately. I finally got the invitations sorted, but since we’re going DIY with those there’s still lots of cutting, gluing, folding and addressing to be done. Not to mention having a “come to Jesus” meeting with ourselves over the guest list. Each time my phone pings to alert me of a new message from those harpies over at I shrink a little, knowing all that we still have left to do.


I’m not a slacker (completely), and I’m organized. To be honest, I think I’m just a little lonely in the process. I need someone to put their boot up my butt and get me moving. I want to obsess over every little detail and not bore the mess out of people. I wonder if my past behavior as planner, organizer, answer-giver has made people so confident that I know just what to do that they don’t offer assistance. And I really don’t want to ask. So, as horrid as she is, is my regular boot up the butt to keep me on task. And I really don’t think she and I can stay friends for much longer. There’s only so much “You have 312 days until your wedding!” emails you can take before your wedding sanity survival instincts kick in and you go feral. Cut to the next scene where you’re crouched in the corner surrounded by shreds of your planning binder, clutching samples of chiffon bridesmaid dresses in one hand and your bed, bath and beyond gift registry in the other while muttering “the color is called ‘Beyond the Sea’ not ‘teal’!


Which just reminded me that we need to update our registry. Effing projectwedding!!!

**Exhales slowly**