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Save the Dates!

Ok, what I really wanted to title this was “I Got STDs!” but I knew that if I did Dustyn was going to kill me for posting a blog with that title. I jokingly posted it on FB, and this is what happened:


For the record, we do not have any “STDs”. What we have are our Save the Dates!! They’re so stinking cute I just had to share.

This is the front of our STD Save the Date postcard that went out earlier this week and last. I’m a little in love with it. Granted, I don’t think we look like that at all! Our cartoon avatar selves are super cute, though.

So wedding plans are sailing ahead (bad pun) slowly but surely! We just completed our move into our new place, which I call the  The McGillilendon Household (that’s McLendon & Gilliland Combined). It’s our cozy new condo that we’re renting together. Now that all of our stuff is out of the old place and into the new, we can start focusing on some of the more wedding-themed tasks, like… wedding music!!! A survey is coming soon. 🙂

In the meantime, our Target wedding registry is up and running! We are new to this whole register for gifts thing, so bear with us… You can also just search for it by using either one of our names.

 Aw, shoot! I just remembered that I still owe yall my review of the Jersey Shore Bridal Show Extravaganza. I will get cracking on this, I promise!!! I swear!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

  – R


Dress? …check.

Bridesmaids? …check.

Ring? …check.

Fiance??? …check check check!


…wedding and cruise booked????? …double, Triple, QUADRUPLE check!!!


I just received our reservation confirmation for the wedding cruise! If getting a dress made it real, then booking the cruise makes it really real. Like, really REALLY real. Like “pee my pants in excitement, how are we going to wait a WHOLE YEAR, omg we’re really doing this” kinda real.

This could be us! Only like… not.

Now that this piece is done, I think I can unclench the buttcheeks a little bit and relax. We’ve got a year to plan one of the most amazing days of our lives together, and I know that it’s going to be wonderful.

This too could be us too!! Only like, not.

I know I promised the story of my Jersey-Shore-meets – the -Bridal-Show-Extravaganza blog post, and it’s coming soon, I promise! Just needed to share this momentous information with you guys… it was too much to keep inside. I want to shout it from the rooftops! Me and my honeybee are getting hitched!!!!!!!!!!

The Flower Girl

Ok seriously? We have the cutest flower girl in the world.


Meet Amanda – one of Dustyn’s nieces (he has two nieces and a nephew). Amanda’s going to be out flower girl!!


Just like the bridesmaids, I wanted to send her something to “invite” her to be a part of our wedding, to make her feel special. So I created this:

Granted, there’s more of the table top in the picture than invite. Clearly I’m a terrible photographer t, but you get the idea. 🙂

Since she’s the flower girl (and only 6) I opted for adding as many flowers to the invite as I possibly could. I MIGHT have gone a bit overboard. Maybe. But I still kinda like it. Hopefully she did too 🙂

I went dress shopping again! This time, it turned out much better.

My mom, sisters and BFF gathered in Orlando two weekends ago to help me shop for a wedding dress and to select bridesmaid dresses. I arranged for bridal appointments over a motnh in advance – if you’re unfamiliar with my slightly OCD ways, check out this post: to play a little catch up.

The shop I selected – Alfred Angelo in Altamonte Springs – was ah-mazing!!! The consultants were so friendly, the environment was pleasant and welcoming. I complete 180 from my disastrous David’s Bridal experience. I even checked out the bathrooms: spotless.


My appointment was blocked for 2 hours, but within the first hour and a half I’d found my dress!  I won’t be posting pics here… if you want to see it you’ll just have to come to the wedding!

Once I found “the dress” I felt like this. Ok, sort of like this only with a FEW more pounds :p

With the dress selected and ordered (big thanks to my mom and dad for helping me out with the 60% down paymenton it – yikes!!) I was ready to look at bridesmaid gowns. We had an “interesting” experience with the dresses… there were comparisons to traffic cones and cupcakes, but it was kinda cool to just sit back and let my bridesmaid twirl around in front of me and show me Alfred’s collection of bridesmaid crazy:

This is a rather sedate pose after she’d originally come out and shown us how she could “shake it like a salt shaker” in her gown! I think it scared the poo boyfriend of the girl in the dressing room next to us. He looked truly traumatized.

This one reminded me of “Little Miss Sunshine”. Remember those? “Little Miss Tacky”, “Mr. Happy”, and the like? More like Little Miss Hot Mess!

After a lot of modelling, we finally found “the one”:

Obviously, this isn’t the color, but just the style. So cute!!

More to come soon – I want to share our 2nd bridal show experience with yall. Think “bridal show meets the jersey shore”. True. Story.

Next 2 items on the list: Booking the cruise and Save the Date invites. Things are slowly coming together!!!