Okay, yall remember when I referred to myself as a Broke A$$ kinda bride?? If not, I’ve noted it  here for your reading pleasure.

Recently a couple of friends brought David Tutera’s wedding design contest to my attention, and I decided to enter.  As you may already know, I am IN LOVE with David Tutera (if you didn’t know, I raved about it here). The thought of winning this contest makes me wet my pants just a teeny bit.

Anyhoo, in order to enter the contest you have to create a pinterest board that expresses my “wedding style”, using pins and posts from the Bridal Guide. Here’s the trick: you can only have 12 pins. It took me a month of fiddling around, adding pins and deleting pins to get down from 46 to 12, I finally submitted my board last night!

Wanna take a look? There’s a screenshot below, and here’s the link: Renee’s David Tutera Pinterest Board.

Take a look and wish us luck!!