The Breakfast of Champions and Chunky Brides everywhere is a bowl of oatmeal and some fruit on top.

If I didn’t know better, I’d say this looked downright tasty! FOOLS!

I can deal with larger than normal thighs, but I want my pre-baby-weight looking midsection and flabby “winged bat” arm bits gone! How can I wear a strapless dress and look like my arms are going to fly me away at any minute??!? I don’t want to go down the aisle looking like I’m attending a shotgun wedding because I’m expecting. (I’M NOT expecting!)So oatmeal for breakfast it must be.


Keep in mind, this isn’t the fancy-schmancy Quaker oatmeal, that’s all delicious and flavored. Nope. That’s stuff’s my favorite thing to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner but when you are trying to decrease your sugar intake and lower your cholesterol AND lower your calories, the fancy flavored stuff’s gotta go.


 I’ve got a TUBE of oatmeal, like that kind that your grandma would make on the stove on a cold winter day, and sprinkle some brown sugar on top and send you off to school on. I added blueberries and bananas and a hint of brown sugar. To “treat” myself, I even served it in my favorite cereal bowl, with Winnie-the-pooh and friends frolicking around the outside. I know – I’m a big old kid.


Each bite alternates between “not too bad” and “who put cardboard in my cereal bowl?” The burst of blueberries and bananas are tasty and yummy, and the oatmeal sans brown sugar and fruit (guess  I didn’t mix it up too well) is depressing and bland and very gross. I wonder if this is what hot cereal is institutions from the 1900’s used to taste like.

FACT: Oatmeal should not make you go “thank God THAT’S over” when you finish eating.


Whatevs – if it helps me to get my fat a$$ back on the weight loss wagon, then I’ll eat oatmeal everyday!! Wonder if a little cream would make it better… do you think Bailey’s has a lot of calories???