We’re ready to sail and say “I Do!”

Welcome to our wedding website! We are both tremendously excited to be sharing this with our family and friends. We’re still getting used to saying “fiance” and “fiancee” when referring to each other without giggling or grinning profusely. Yeah, we’re that kinda mushy couple. Don’t judge.

We’ve decided on a Disney Cruise Line wedding, with a stop on Castaway Cay for the actual ceremony. Tentative date is set for September 22nd, 2013. More details to come soon as we fill them in 🙂

I know what you’re thinking… how corny is a Disney Cruise Line Wedding??? Why are you having a Mickey Mouse Wedding? Well since you guys all know us, you know it’s probably about as corny as we are (which is a lot)! We both do enjoy Disney, but the decision had more to do with the package offered by DCL in comparison to a lot of other cruise lines. We also felt that the venue (Castaway Cay) would be a beautiful setting for the beginning of our marriage. It will be an incredible experience and we are over-the-moon, wet our pants thrilled about making some wonderful, incredibly hilarious and slightly tearful  memories with our family and friends over the course of the 4-day cruise.

Oh, and we promise that neither Mickey, Minnie, Goofy or Donald will be participating in our ceremony! It’s not that kind of party. That would be some serious overkill.

Even if you cannot make it to the cruise with us, we hope that you will join our journey to this momentous day. So relax, take off your shoes, and browse through our site. Feel free to drop a line or two… or three. We don’t mind!! As we go through the planning process we will continue to update this page with our experience planning a destination wedding. I have a feeling it will be like many other parts of the journey Dustyn and I have taken so far: equal parts sweet, inspiring, and very very funny.


– Renee (the Bride! I still can’t get used to saying that!)